Disability Benefits

Living with a disability can be difficult enough, without the worry of which benefit you should be applying for.

We’ve listed everything you should know about the disability benefits and services currently available and how to get started with your claim, or to make an appeal if your application was declined.

Below you will find information about all of the programs available to help you not only with the extra costs of living due to your disability, but also the support lines available should you need to speak with a qualified member of the team regarding any concerns you may have.

Carers Allowance

Carer’s allowance is a benefit to help dedicated carers claim around £62.70 per week (April 2017-18). Usually you are also entitled to claim National Insurance credits every week which contribute towards your pension if you’re under pension age.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

The Personal Independence Payment is a welfare benefit issued to UK citizens who need help with some of the extra costs which arise when living with a disability. The PIP Contact Number will put you in touch with the Department for Work and Pensions, who can provide more information on the benefit or process a new claim. Find out more about the benefit which is gradually replacing the Disability Living Allowance here.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Learn more about the benefits available to you if you are living with a disability and how calling the DLA Contact Number can help with enquiries, claims and appeals.

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Employment and Support Allowance encompasses the Income Support and Incapacity Benefits, but what does that mean to you? Find out more about eligibility, new claims, making a change to your existing claim and how the ESA Contact Number can help you.