Tax and HMRC

There are many types of tax in the UK and even more reasons you may need to seek help when it comes to money matters.

Income tax is payable on your earnings and with the vast majority of people in the UK being employed or self employed it can be difficult to know whether you’re paying the right amount, who to pay it to, and when to pay by. Add inheritance tax, council tax, tax credits, national insurance and benefits into the mixture and you’ll see why sometimes it’s reassuring to know there are helpful numbers to hand.

Tax issues are broadly overseen by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, or HMRC but there may be occasions when you have to get in touch with another department. Here are some useful numbers to find a solution to your tax and money matters.

Self-Assessment Contact Number

If you are self-employed or earn over £100,000 per year you will need to complete a Self-Assessment form for HMRC. To speak to an adviser you can call the Self Assessment Contact Number on 0843 506 0435.


HM Revenue & Customs oversee tax collection, issue some of the UK’s welfare benefits and regulate the national minimum wage among other things. Although there are many online services available, there are often times where you’ll need to get in touch with a representative. Whether you’re an employee, employer, self employed or just looking to make a general enquiry or complaint, you can find out how to get in touch here.